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Letter from Kasia

Pietro and I have been to Mustang only once, but it was all it took to fall in love with the place, its culture, and its people…. I never would have thought I’d come back 8 years later, without him and with a daughter, to build a school! Pietro, was the one who started it all. One day he came back home shouting, “Let’s go to Nepal”. It was one of his crazy ideas; I don’t know why, maybe out of curiosity, or because he read a book or an article -perhaps on National Geographic- about the ancient kingdom of Mustang and this made him decide to go. Pietro was like that; he was guided by pure instinct, curious like a kid and filled with a crazy desire to do things immediately. He also managed to find a person that had been to Mustang more than once, who had lived and worked there and talked about it with great enthusiasm. We were very curious to get to know him, to better understand what he was talking about and in the end, we decided to meet him.

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Only knowledge stimulates the development of awareness.

And once we are aware, we become better people.

Our fundraising night “Together for Nepal” held at Teatro 1 in Cinecittà Studios on Friday October 23, 2015, after the 10th Rome Film Fest was a success.
Presented by Neri Marcorè, an elegant and warm event that touched the participants and the promoters, who collected over EUR 160,000 with direct donations to our Association. The proceeds from that night were assigned to the construction of our school in Ghami and also helped the reconstruction of a school that was torn apart after the earthquake that struck a few years ago. It is important to mention that Désirée Colapietro Petrini’s support made it all possible to reach this result thanks to the participation of her friends and companies.